July 28 2015 05:28 PM

Plus, fundraiser launched for family of Steve Rodriguez

A publicity still from 'Bug'

Grant Reinero, bass player and vocalist in Stewardess, is about to debut his first film. The film is titled Bug, and it will screen on Saturday, Aug. 22, at Ken Cinema. In a phone interview with CityBeat, Reinero says that he's had an interest in film for a long time.

"It's kind of always been one of my goals to get into film," he says. "I work as a creative director for an ad agency. It's probably pretty cliche, but every commercial director is really an aspiring film director."

Reinero describes Bug as a "poetic kind of take on a coming-of-age movie," from the perspective of a young boy. It took six months to complete. He had some more elaborate ideas at first, but eventually decided it smarter to make a film with a simpler focus.

"I threw out a million ideas, and it got pretty out of control—pyrotechnics, plane crashes," he says. "I tried to rein it in, so I wrote Bug, and carted 20 people out to the desert. 

"It's a dreamy, ethereal, in-my-own-head kind of thing," Reneiro says.

Bug features music by Demetrius Antuna, who also plays in Ilya and KATA, and Duane Pitre, a New Orleans musician who used to live in San Diego. The film was assistant-directed by Eric Howarth of Hi-Speed Soul Records.

fundraiser has been launched to help support the family of Dragons bass player Steve Rodriguez, who passed away last week at the age of 48. "Steve's life was filled with love, laughter and music," says a message on the page, which can be found at gofundme.com/SRluv. A memorial concert will also take place on Sunday, Aug. 2, at The Casbah, featuring Steve Poltz and Rodriguez's former bandmates in Saint Shameless and The Dragons, who will honor his memory through music. 

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