July 29 2015 11:50 AM

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    I can't believe they want to spend $2.1 million of our tax dollars on an EIR for a new stadium for the Chargers when we don't even know they will stay ["We haven't seen the river card, yet," July 22]. That is like giving a prospective contractor a large chunk of money to build a pool in your back yard before you have a signed contract and don't even know what the rest of the costs will be, or even if the contractor will build your pool.

    Thank you David Alvarez, Marti Emerald and Todd Gloria for having the good sense to oppose this deal. I only wish the mayor and other city council members had some common sense.

    Dorothy L. Kwiat, Talmadge


    Through tears I thank Aaryn Belfer for her essay. ["A white person's guide to activism," July 22"]. On Sunday I posted this plea to my friends and family around the world: "If you are a white American I'm asking you...I'm begging you to help your fellow black and brown Americans. I don't want to discuss how and what. I'm just asking you to do it. Find a way to make things shift. Be aware that we are constantly trembling because this thing...this hate is getting closer and closer to my life...to your comfortable and privileged lives. If you can wake up and go about your day without ever thinking about your safety and well being based on race...believe me, that is a privilege. I want that space in my head and heart vacated. Don't get me wrong, I am fortunate. I have connections and resources, but out in the world I am not fully safe. Yesterday, I drove with my children down a road that we don't frequently travel. A police cruiser pulled out behind us and followed us for three uneasy miles before he turned around. In my mind, I went to my training about what to do and how to act. I do this each time I see police when I'm walking or driving. I am aware of hateful bumper stickers on cars. I'm aware of cars with Confederate flags. We've crossed off entire sections of the country that are not safe to send our son to college. This is real for me and for all of us. If I'm not doing well how can you be doing well? Now, I go back to pushing this awful feeling down. That's how we survive. We push it down, we keep on living, and we hope."

    My daughter is 11 and is still able to live in innocence. My 17-year-old son's innocence was taken in tiny doses of bitter pills we've given him since he was young.

    Not since Peggy McIntosh and her essay "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" more than 25 years ago, have I seen such an honest call to action from an ally.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I will never stop sharing your work. You nailed it! 

    Monica Bisgaard West Hartford, CT


    Just read your article ["A white person's guide to activism," July 22"]. I agree with your ideas. Unfortunately, most white people will not be that motivated until something like this happens to them. I was an aspiring middle class white guy until the police and the legal system took that away from me. I went from a classified civil service position, looking forward to a pension, to facing homelessness within two years because of this system. Over the last 25 years I have been pulled off a porch, beaten, pepper sprayed and hog-tied. I've spent four days in jail for riding a bicycle. And the "offense" that cost me my job and drove me into poverty was a misdemeanor, and I was innocent, so I'm real dialed into these issues. Just wish there was more video when I'd been arrested, because all of the police reports I've seen are complete fiction. In fact, one of my arresting officers told to my face, "the facts are what we say they are." While I appreciate the irony of that statement, that's completely unacceptable. Once the police lie on a police report, it corrupts the whole system, and yet they lie just like it's part of the job. Anyway, thanks for writing that and keep your eye on the ball, I'm sure we will see more cases like this.

    Jeff Brown, Columbus, OH

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