Aug. 4 2015 05:33 PM

A seven-course meal of jams and gems

Tropical Popsicle

Since this week is our food issue, I thought it'd be fun to assemble a quick playlist of songs by San Diego artists that are about food, named after foods or have some connection to delicious delicacies in some way or other. In some cases, there are also bands named after foods. Whatever the case, I hope these tunes will whet the appetites of your guests at your next dinner party.

Inch, "Chicharrones": This '90s-era track got a little bit of 91X airplay in its day, though it's not really a song about fried pork skins. Though now that I'm thinking about it, I could go for a crunchy, cracklin snack.  

Taurus Authority,
"Crab Apple": I don't know about you, but I find that funk music makes for great dining atmosphere. This local trio definitely brings the grooves, and while a crab apple isn't usually a favorite on anyone's menu, this jam makes it seem that much more appetizing.

Rocket from the Crypt, "Pigeon Eater": I've always thought of Rocket from the Crypt as great playlist fare for a summer barbecue, and this song definitely makes the cut. Though, I can't say pigeon ever ends up on the grill. However, the culinary minded might prefer the phrase "squab eater," for those rare cases when it does. 

Sledding With Tigers,
"The Devil and a California Burrito Are Raging Inside Me": Maybe the song on this playlist with the best title (actually, not maybe, definitely), this spunky folk ditty is short, but it's just as satisfying as the carne asada and French fries in a tortilla its title conjures. 

Tropical Popsicle,
"Ghost Beacons": Okay, this isn't a food song but rather a band with food in its name. Good enough! And this synth-laden noise-pop gem is certainly a tasty one.

Birdy Bardot,
 "Honey": For dessert course number two, a rustic and reverb-drenched slice of dreamy Americana lives up to its name with a sweet melody and a rich arrangement of pedal steel and haunting backing vocals. 

The Burning of Rome,
"Champagne and Cigarettes": To end the meal, a nightcap. I'm a non-smoker, myself, but I'll take a refill on the bubbly

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