Aug. 7 2015 06:37 PM

The best local craft cans for summer fun

Don’t leave home without these summer essentials
Photo by Beth Demmon

Despite what local ordinances say, it's practically unthinkable to pitch a tent or hit the waves without packing a few beers to complement the outing. 

Even in places where public drinking is permitted, most of the time glass bottles are not. So you have two choices: red cups or cans. Luckily, the logical evolution that satisfies both beer aficionados and rule-makers is canned craft beer, and more and more local breweries have picked up the trend. 

If you're looking to get sloshed in San Diego's great outdoors, you can't do better than these local craft cans:

Best Beers For The Beach

When the surf calls, it's gotta be Pizza Port Solana Beach's Kook Double India Pale Ale (8.5 percent ABV). The sheer power and balance of this hoptacular brew is a delicate dance attempted by few (and mastered by fewer).

Local store out of this popular six-pack? You'll do just as well with Hess Brewing's aromatic "Habitus" rye Double India Pale Ale (8 percent ABV). Through many scientific trials, yes, I have concluded that double IPAs are the perfect beach beer. 

Sipping Under The Stars

If there's a campfire, s'mores and sleeping bags, your best bet is to crack a Modern Times Beer's Black House oatmeal coffee stout (5.8 percent ABV) and sing Kumbaya. It's easy to be bowled over by its coffee-packed punch that's presented with absolute precision, but a perfectly copacetic runner up is Benchmark Brewing's Brown Ale (4.5 percent ABV). This surprisingly refreshing, wonderfully full-bodied beer with notes of roasted caramel will accent an evening in the woods marvelously.

Drinking In The Desert

If you're planning on staying hydrated via some of San Diego's finest liquid refreshments during your next desert outing, be sure to pack a few Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPAs (7 percent ABV). This ambrosial alternative to classic Sculpin won't leave you puckering with citrusy sourness, but the twinge of tang left on your tongue will leave your lips smacking for more. 

If you simply can't decide on one style to carry along, you can't go wrong with Belching Beaver's 12-pack of variety ales to satiate everyone in the group.

These are simply the start of what's shaping up to be a craft-canning coup within the industry. I previously predicted that Alpine cans are next, but growing whispers suggest Coronado Brewing Company may beat them to the punch. Either way, with San Diego's knockout combination of craft cans and an emphasis on the outdoors, you can't go wrong with bringing along a six-pack (or two) when planning your next adventure.

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