Aug. 12 2015 11:52 AM

Photographer shot van subculture for this week's issue


Photographer Michael Herana—who goes by the pseudonym Mikesumoto— is known for going to great heights to get shots. Literally. He once climbed a huge crane in Golden Hill to capture a stunning view of the city. Follow him on Instagram at @mikesumoto and he'll fill your feed with jaw-dropping imagery of urban San Diego, shot from angles only found by secretly scaling buildings, fire escapes and other places most shutterbugs won't go. "It's knucklehead-ish for me being almost 40 and I'm still climbing these things," he says, "but it's what separates me from every other photographer in San Diego." For this week's cover story on San Diego's emerging van subculture, Mikesumoto didn't have to climb anything, but he did show up early and stay late to capture the scene's unique vibe.



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