1.Filly catcher

    6.Clay-like soil

    10.Kind of party with strippers

    14."Thanks ___!"

    15."They have everything for young men to enjoy / You can hang out with all the boys" in song

    16.Time out

    17.Make money while apprising?

    20.Infinitely bad

    21.Oklahoma native

    22.Keyboard finger exercise

    23.Repeat the same story

    25.Big name in cosmetics

    26.Streaming royalty, perhaps?

    33.Anime's home

    36.Square stuff

    37.Lenore's creator

    38.Made a touchdown

    39."Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck" director Morgen

    40.Chinese dynasty that ended in 1644

    41.Bumped into

    42.Sketchy download "attachment"

    43.Parliament stuff

    44.Canonize Coleridge and Cummings?

    47.Munchkin relative

    48.Radio station format that plays not terribly challenging rock

    52.Coral island

    55.Internet connectivity problems

    58.Instrument Julia Roberts played in
    high school

    59.Appease Homer's neighbor Ned?

    62.Bear known to attack picnic baskets

    63."___ The Groove"

    64.Thesaurus entries

    65.WORP, e.g.

    66.Proctored event, or proctologist's event

    67.Ready to move onto the next thing


    1.Friendless one

    2.Up in the air

    3.Didn't participate, with "out"

    4.Greets with a grin


    6.Uber competitor

    7.Melville novel whose title means "rover"

    8.It might be a lot to build on

    9.It can show you around town

    10.Highland Bramble ingredient

    11.Seitan alternative

    12.In the thick of

    13.Swinging barrier

    18."Fuck it, here goes nothing" attitude, briefly

    19.Big name in toothbrushes

    24.Assisted Living Unit pro, for short

    25.Video game that involved searching for blue and red pages

    27.Filmmaker Gilliam

    28.Freeze over

    29.Borgnine's "From Here to Eternity" role

    30.Friggin' huge

    31.Die (out)

    32.Frat party essentials

    33.Spot for a pull-up bar

    34.On the safe side

    35.Bread with baba ghanouj

    39.George McFly tormentor

    40."Once More Round the Sun" metal band

    42.Hairlike projections in the intestinal wall

    43.Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon's ESPN show, for short

    45."Fess up!"

    46.Anna's sister in "Frozen"

    49.Subject of the documentary "Life Itself"

    50.Fiestas and Fusions

    51.Like some divorces

    52.Big name in organic frozen food

    53.Trumpet sound

    54.Actress Kurylenko

    55.Canadian wildcat

    56.Mennen skin conditioner

    57.Latch (onto)

    60."Tsk, tsk," old-style

    61."Straight Outta Compton: The Story of ___"


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