Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects

Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects are releasing a new album. No Wrong, No Rights is the first record from the band in nine years, following 2006's Listen Up, and it's being released in September, with a pre-order campaign launched via Kickstarter. All of the members of the Flying Objects—led by Black Heart Procession's Pall Jenkins—have other projects, which is why it took so long to release their second album.

"Everyone involved does a lot of stuff," says multi-instrumentalist Brad Lee in a phone interview. "We kind of work in fits and spurts. There was this very slow, steady momentum. There was no deadline."

One of the curses of having as much time as you want to finish an album is that you can always keep changing something if it doesn't feel quite right. However, Lee says that eventually they had to know when to start reining it in.

"Two and a half years later, you're going to feel differently about some songs," he says. "Some parts changed a lot. Everything took as long as we needed it to. Once we got a little closer to finishing, we started limiting things a bit. We can mess with the shaker on the bridge for three more hours, or we can just leave it as-is."

Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects, which is a conceptual band based around the recordings of a mythical "Freddie Feelgood," has added a lot more members on this record, as well as featuring guest appearances by The Album Leaf's Jimmy Lavalle and Mrs. Magician's Jacob Turnbloom. However, Lee says that despite the change in lineup, No Wrong, No Rights continues where the first record left off.

"The foundation laid on the first record is very unique, and open ended and well defined," he says. "I think this is coming from the same place. There are lots of people on this record that weren't on the first, and on this one I think we dug a little deeper."

Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects perform at The Casbah on Sept. 12.


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