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Thanks for the editor's letter [“Caring about bike sharing,” Aug. 19]. However, you have one major thing wrong. There was extensive engagement with the community of Pacific Beach about DecoBike locations but what was agreed to during that engagement changed without the community being notified or included in those changes. It appears obvious to most who were involved in the discussions that the community leaders/groups were just told what we wanted to hear and then the company did what they had agreed on with the city. So, all the engagement was disingenuous and a scam on the community.

Scott Chipman, Pacific Beach Planning Group Member


So this plan to blow up the old Qualcomm after the new one is built is absolutely crazy [Spin Cycle, Aug. 19]. I know this sort of thing is done in Las Vegas and elsewhere. This is just another bizarre idea the “planners” have? This made for a good laugh. Are they all nuts? Our city leaders reach new heights with this one. I am so against the waste of $2 million-plus on last ditch ideas to keep the Chargers in town. Meanwhile some neighborhoods are in need of services. What happened to the great mayor's plans to put in sidewalks in disadvantaged areas…how is that going? Please give us an update. I pick up CityBeat just to read the editorials and articles in the front.

Dianne Obeso, University Heights


Regarding the “Pro football = crack” editor's letter from Aug. 12: The City of San Diego is already saddled with debt; some of it due to previous “good” deals with the Spanoses/Chargers. That some of the people's representatives seem willing to again get in cahoots with those who are so unscrupulous and callous that they would saddle the taxpayers with even more debt in order to make themselves even richer speaks to the degree to which our representatives can be bought. The voters/taxpayers need to wake up. All the happy talk about team spirit, being competitive, America's Finest City, your team, win-win, etc., is nothing but propaganda to enable the Spanoses/Chargers to have their cake and eat yours, too. If the choice is the taxpayers get fleeced or the Chargers leave; let ‘em go.

Dan Jacobs, Mira Mesa


I have been graced and rewarded by [Aaryn Belfer's] insightful writings for years. Thank you for being such a prophetic voice in the wilderness [“A white person's guide to activism,” July 22]. You are perceptive and insightful in your understanding of issues that most people would prefer to avoid (or, worse yet be ignorant of, namely racial issues). I am often reminded of the Roman Empire's prescription for managing the masses: “Bread & Circus.” Truly our society has been fully and completely narcotized by that same template.

I am a 66-year-old black man who holds two doctorates and yet I feel no further removed from summary judgment at the hands of (pick one): Law enforcement; pseudo law enforcement (security guards, neighborhood watch, unaffiliated vigilantes); or random racism, than any other random person of color.

As if to underscore this reality, my wife (who is white) and I were recently enjoying a drive down the coast in our red convertible when we were threatened by a pick-up driving, swastika covered skin head intent on doing us harm. Fortunately for us, a friend happened along at the time and their very presence deterred our would-be assailant. Believe me that in my 66 revolutions around the sun, I have never felt that the U-S-of-A has ever achieved anything close to “post racial.”

In any event, I just wanted to say “thank you” and to wish you continued success in your writing endeavors.

Jon Connor, Temecula

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