Sept. 1 2015 04:19 PM

A changing of the guard in our arts department

Kinsee Morlan

To paraphrase Yogi Berra, it's déjà vu all over again. Again.

Back in 2009, CityBeat bid farewell to arts editor Kinsee Morlan in these very pages. I was welcomed as her replacement, although only a paragraph or so of a 700-word piece talked about my resume. That was fine with me. At the time, I knew I had big shoes to fill. Morlan was called "indispensable," "tireless," and "one of the most valuable employees this paper has ever had."

It wouldn't be the first time CityBeat had to say goodbye to her, and it seems only suitable that I'm once again tasked to replace her. After all, she came back to replace me after I left in 2010 and, after a few breaks to start a family, she had been CityBeat's arts editor ever since. Well, there was one other arts editor in that span, but we won't get into that.

If I have my math correct, Morlan wrote for CityBeat for 10 years. A decade's worth of authoritative arts reporting, as well as hands-on work within the local arts scene. Not to mention the fact that she did all this while she and her husband raised two beautiful boys. It is truly sad that she has decided to leave CityBeat again, but I shall, as I have done before, do my best to fill her shoes. Well, let's be honest; I no longer see myself as having big shoes to fill. Her shoes should be bronzed and dutifully displayed in some kind of San Diego arts hall of fame. As was written in that 2009 goodbye, "She forged a path, and if we veer too far from it, we'll do so at our own peril."

That path is no longer exclusively CityBeat's to follow, but rather anyone covering the local arts scene. I can't promise I won't ever veer from that path. I'd like to think I still have my own trails to blaze. However, I'll never stray too far and always do my best to keep Morlan's path within my line of sight, lest I become lost in the wilderness.

Fare thee well.


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