Sept. 2 2015 11:14 AM

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I'm writing this letter to say thank you for Alex Zaragoza's August 26 article “The Fight to Reunite.” I was overwhelmed to read about the families who can't be together because of our poor border system that's nothing more than a segregation system; a giant monster that hurts us more than helps us. My mother was deported back in 2010 and I currently reside in Tijuana (proudly) to be near her. I know most families don't have that luxury. I am also offering my help to the Deported Veterans Support House in any way possible. The fact that this can happen to anyone is a disgrace to humanity. I love being an American. But, to be bold, if being an American means ripping families apart than you can keep your Old Glory. I'll keep my family, thank you.

Richie Estrada, Tijuana


Your first sentence in [“Caring about bike sharing,” Aug. 19] reminded me of an idea I've had for several years now. I live in Tijuana and cross into the U.S. three or four times a week. Tens of thousands of people cross the border each day with maybe half of them sitting in their cars (sometimes for hours) burning gas and polluting our air as they inch toward the checkpoint so they can then cross into the U.S. and then drive to wherever they're going. It just seems to me that some kind of strategy could be put in place so that the cars could be grouped and then their movement staggered so that for 10, 15, 20 minutes at a time, everyone could turn their car's engines off until a signal is given that it's time to move forward (then again stop and turn off your engine). It wouldn't extend their wait one minute and besides saving gas it would make the whole experience a little less stressful.

Does this sound like a good idea and, if it does, any idea of who (or what group) I should share it with so maybe it could actually be considered?

Jesse Egan, Tijuana


Suggesting that the owner(s) of the Chargers should seek financial assistance from the public is highly questionable [“Football = crack,” Aug. 12]. Have we overlooked that fact that, first and foremost, an organization like the San Diego Chargers is a business. Financial assistance for all of the business community, either start-up and/or for existing businesses, should be uniformly applied. So it appears that with a proposal to have the public take the risks, normally associated with the entrepreneurs, the burden of start-up is shifted to the public. Well, maybe that would be OK if the all business would be able to have public money.

Bob Lewis, Mira Mesa


I was so moved by the article that appeared in the July 22 edition of CityBeat: A White Person's Guide to Activism.” Thank you for your moral courage, innovative thinking and insight. I'm African-American. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Went to school during integration and during grade school, was bussed to a suburb close to Ferguson.

Talk about racial strife! I teach a Diversity Management course as part of Continuing Education at Southwestern College. I was wondering if, in the future, you'd consider serving as either my guest lecturer, or making an appearance as a guest speaker during the class? Some amazing things happen in this class. Again, thank you for your “light.”

Michael Van Keith, College Area

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