Sept. 9 2015 12:04 AM

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Regarding San Diego Ethics Commission appointments [“Reform the Ethics Commission,” Sept. 2], I would not trust San Diego retired judges.

All 100 percent of judges in San Diego are Republican.

I saw them appoint people to the Redistricting Commission, and what they did was, they made equal parts Democrat, Republican and Independent, but Independents tend to be small business people who lean Republican, so there was not an equal portion of Greens. Similar to the skew that C-Span gets when it divvies up its callers like that.

Plus, members of the Redistricting Commission, who refused to listen to the citizens and tore the heart out of Clairemont-Linda Vista-Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa (Donna Frye's former city council district), are now seen on the Planning Commission, which approves every project, no matter how harmful.

There is nobody nonpartisan today, because the Republicans have become corporatist fascists, and Democrats need to vigorously defend the people from this severe aggressive oppression.

If you want to change the political leaning of judges, vote no on every single judge the next time they are on the ballot, and get some liberalleaning Democratic judges on there who won't put the mentally ill in solitary torture and allow the police to get away with murder.

Meanwhile, how about letting the Ethics Commission be composed of some young legal interns—the younger generation still knows right from wrong. Short of that, I would tend to stick with Democrats appointing their share of the board, and have it be equal, and no Independents to skew the board to two-thirds Republican, unless there is equal representation by Green party. Thank you.

Valerie Sanfilippo, San Diego


It's encouraging that Aaryn Belfer has received a lot of press for her insightful opinions about racial bigotry [“A white person's guide to activism,” July 22], as this may encourage solutions to an ominous, pervasive cultural reality. Whites make up just 30 percent of the global population and 39 percent of the California population. In the nation as a whole, whites still comprise about 73 percent of the population due to the initial high number of immigrants from Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Over the next few decades, non-whites are expected to outnumber whites around the country. However, this number change may not resolve the issue of white cultural domination, as even after decades of mandatory government workplace hiring guidelines and ill-attempts at Affirmative Action and school busing to equalize educations, we still have essentially segregated neighborhoods. Until all races live side-by-side, get to know each other as equals and share/resolve common problems together, we will continue to harbor a basic misunderstanding of one another that breeds racism (them vs. us). I'm not sure how to put an end to racial bigotry in San Diego or around the country other than through education (anthropology, genetics, etc.), using the gay rights equality success model and/or community-building with mandatory integration of neighborhoods— but good luck with the latter.

Donna Shanske, Bankers Hill

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