Sept. 16 2015 01:10 PM

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Mixology psychology? Bunions in a bunch? Neither of them is stupid (or in stupors)? What is Edwinian Decker thinking—I mean drinking [“The difference between ‘ignorant' and ‘ignant,'” Sept. 9]?

To argue that “ignorant” is the equivalent to the innocence of not knowing something is politically correct and ideological snookery.

Certainly we can understand some people live in bars to escape various realities. Certainly we can understand there are snobs of all shapes and sizes. Call me a half-boob but “ignorant” is from the word “ignore” which clearly means to be aware of the presence of something and choosing to not understand or bothering to comprehend—as in choosing to not pay attention. This, then, is not simply not knowing because you haven't been told yet. I pray (even as an atheist) no one takes this kind of knowledge seriously!

Besides I've been told all kinds of lies via the mainstream media—does that make me not ignorant? So who is doing the telling anyway?

You're an ignorant ass, Edwin Decker!

You need to change your barstool and drink selection.

Brian Becker, South Park


I enjoyed reading your article on pro football [“Pro football = crack,” Aug. 12]. Amazing that the NFL seems to be able to extort big money from cities with impunity from the federal government/Justice Department. I was particularly interested in the description of finances. I'm curious, though, on the source/ interpretation of your information regarding the taxpayers being on the hook for $280 million from the city's general fund over the next 20 years for maintenance of Qualcomm Stadium. Given the county may contribute $100 million to the $350 million from the public, it could almost be argued that a new stadium wouldn't really cost much more for city residents than what they are paying now.

However, it is my understanding that Qualcomm Stadium is an “Enterprise Fund” entity and thus funded by revenues from user fees. Thus, the question, where is the general fund/taxpayers contribution?

Steven Fontana, San Diego


I love Ryan Bradford's Well That Was Awkward column. It is consistently funny. I mean, laugh-out-loud-three-or-four-times-per-column funny. I just read the reptile show column [“I've had it with these MF-ing snakes on my MF-ing brain!,” Sept. 2]; I also loved the one where his wife was out of town and he discovered a new way to make toast [“Cool cats when the wife's away,” June 17]. Every one of them makes me laugh. Has [Bradford] ever done stand-up?

Thank you for the gift of laughter. In this day and age, it's more valuable than ever.

Suzy Perkins, La Mesa


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