Sept. 23 2015 11:42 AM

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What is being overlooked in all this discussion of the convention center [“Contiguously speaking,” Sept. 16] is the lack of fiscally sound management oversight, which has been missing since executive management and the board of directors have allowed the deferred maintenance account to grow to a level that makes the original facilities look run down, tired, worn out and unattractive. How do they explain a deferred maintenance account approximating $40,000,000? At what point will potential future convention attendees say that San Diego's center is past its prime? Why spend more than $500,000,000 for a new addition to the current center, which would just make the current facilities look even worse? Carol Wallace and Steve Cushman should be fired for allowing this horrible situation to fester for so long without putting forth a plan to “fix” this deferred maintenance deficit!

Whoever at the city and the port has oversight of the convention center should also be fired! Just another case where we taxpayers will probably get fleeced yet again!

Lou Cumming, La Jolla


I have just been poring over Jen Van Tieghem's review [“Add Wine Folly to your rack,” Sept. 9] and am very excited how exactly perfect the concept came across. I was really pleased at the mention of the part about cool climate versus warm climate. Very approachable writing.

Madeline Puckette, Seattle, WA


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