Sept. 28 2015 05:46 PM

After five years, the South Park art space will change hands in October

Jfre Coad
Photo by Seth Combs

    CityBeat broke the story in 2010 of a quirky and quaint new art space that had just opened in South Park. Headed up by Jfre Coad and Jason Soares, Disclosed unLocation quickly became, as Coad promised it would, a place that regularly showcased the "up and comers, esoterics, unknowns and the ultra wily." Now, after five years and dozens of shows, Coad says it's time to move on.

    "This wasn't like a special blow out like, 'Hey, this is the last show ever blah, blah, blah,'" Coad says. He confirms that the show Pan de Todos los Dias by artist Becky Guttin will be the last under the Disclosed unLocation moniker. "It just sort of happened circumstantially by people's positions and what people are doing with their lives."

    Coad says he and Soares have been relatively hands-off lately anyway and that the duoís friend, Genevieve Zzyzyx, has taken over managing the gallery space. Zzyzyx confirmed via email that she and her husband will continue to curate occasional art shows after the Guttin show, which opens on Oct. 3 from 6 to 9 p.m. She also says the space will serve mostly as a storefront for their friend Heather Rae Morton's business, Black Phoebe Ceramics. Still, both Zzyzyx and Coad emphasize that art shows will continue in the space in some capacity.

    "It's still important to have that type of place in town where it's like a stepping stone for artists," Coad says. "The type of place where you can do whatever you want. Our community needs this, but ego wise, I don't need to be involved."

    Coad wants to focus on a new Aspects of Physics record that he and Soares started five years ago. He's open to doing occasional shows under the Disclosed unLocation brand, but he's much more excited about doing new group art projects.

    "I could use the Disclosed name for group projects in the future and that's what I think I'll be doing," Coad says. "I just want to do other things besides sitting in a storefront showing other people's art. I want to be out there and with the people making the art and trying to bring the community together. I'm excited about doing that again."


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