I noticed some of the newspaper boxes had been removed as well, but with a much different reaction [“Missing in the Gaslamp Quarter,” Sept. 23].

While you do pay a whopping $20 per year, the sheer amount and mismatched conglomeration of boxes has become a visual blight all over San Diego. Maybe you could spearhead a uniform rack system such as the ones in other nice cities, including Monterey and Carmel. Personally, I prefer racks INSIDE of coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Following in the news rack footsteps, now Decobikes have their obnoxious racks bolted to our public sidewalks all over the city as well. This sets a poor precedent and makes me wonder “ WHAT NEXT?”

Chris Cott, La Jolla


It's bad enough that the Downtown Partnership orders newspaper racks be removed [“Missing in the Gaslamp Quarter,” Sept. 23], and up to the second to last paragraph I agreed with your points, but when you say, “We especially don't want to see any action taken against someone doing a job they were probably told to do so” it sounds like: “I was just following orders.”

You have a clear violation of “Freedom of Speech,” “Freedom of the Press,” and you reintroduce the pleas of Nazi Death Camp Soldiers.

“Just following orders” does not indemnify anyone from breaking constitutional guarantees.

The person[s] who “ORDERED” this action and the person[s] that carried out this action should be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Freedoms of speech and press are being eroded on a daily basis, allowing this to slide just accelerates loss of those ideals [laws].

San Diego CityBeat needs to and is required to respond when decisions are made restricting their [and others'] distribution of newspapers.

You are wrong on this in many ways and I am disappointed in how you have (not) reacted.

Will Dawson, San Diego

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