Oct. 6 2015 03:17 PM

The curators of 'culture capital' have an upcoming show at the Cabrillo National monument and a new permanent home

A Ship In The Woods
Photo by RJ Brooks
    We're adding lasers to it,” says A Ship in the Woods curator Lianne Mueller. “They're going to be around your feet. It's going to be so cool. It feels like you're walking through a labyrinth, but with lasers.”

    Mueller's excitement is infectious. She's talking about the newest version of Rhodopsin, an immersive, yurt-like installation that A Ship debuted at last year's Art San Diego fair. The art collective is resurrecting Rhodopsin, a sensory-based piece, at this year's Without Walls Festival at UC San Diego from Oct. 9 to 11.

    The three main players in A Ship (Mueller, RJ Brooks and Addison Stonestreet) have stayed busy since packing up and moving from their Del Mar house and exhibition space in July. Their HERE | HEAR show at Space4Art was a success and, after the WOW Fest, the group will start work on a new show in one of San Diego's most iconic landmarks.

    “They said to do whatever you want,” Mueller says about Convergence, an annual art show held at the Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma. The Ship folks were asked to curate the exhibition after Mueller was introduced to a member of the National Park Services who told her they wanted to do more art shows. They invited a variety of local, national and international artists to create site-specific works “that explore ideas of interrelationships, convergences and habitat fragmentation in regards to society, community and culture.” There will also be music from the likes of Pall Jenkins and The Donkeys. Mueller says the lighthouse will also be incorporated in some capacity.

    “It'll basically be laid out like a state fair,” says Mueller, noting there will be volunteers to help navigate patrons through the 144-acre park when the show opens on Nov. 14. “There will be a map and each section of people will arrive at certain times of the night. There will definitely be some flashlights as well.”

    A Ship in the Woods has also found a new permanent home that will be unveiled in 2016, but they're keeping the details and location a secret to build anticipation. Asked if she'd be willing to divulge any details, Mueller plays coy.

    “It is in North County,” she says. “It's two acres of lush gardens and trees. And that's all I can say for now. Oh, and a river runs through it!” Brooks later confirms that it's actually a stream, and adds that it also borders a 50-acre park, but that's all they can say for now. “When it's ready, it's ready,” Mueller says. “We're definitely getting it ready and making it rad.”


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