Oct. 6 2015 04:00 PM

Band breaks up after playing together more than a decade

Ilya has announced their final show. The long-running outfit, which specialized in dark and dreamy textures that pulled from both post-rock and trip-hop, will be performing for the last time on Friday, Nov. 13, as part of a San Diego Music Thing showcase at The Casbah (along with The Album Leaf). Ilya reunited in 2013 after playing only one show since 2009, and released a new album, In Blood, in 2014. However, guitarist Demetrius Antuña says that pouring all their energy into the album left them without much to spare.

“There was a lot of excitement when the band came back and released In Blood,” he says. “But I think everyone just kind of got burned out.”

The band played shows in support of In Blood for a year and had begun discussing what direction to take next. After more than a decade playing music together—with a notable hiatus—nobody could agree on where to go next, save for one important possibility.

“Everybody had different ideas, but they just weren't coming together. It's difficult to get everyone on the same page,” Antuña says. “One decision we did agree on is that we should break up.”

Before calling it quits for good, Antuña said Ilya wanted to give everyone another opportunity to see the band play. It's not going to be a big blowout, but they're still going to make one last go of it.

“We played a Casbah show a couple months ago, and had made the decision that week…but we thought it would be good to have one more show to kind of let everyone know it was our last,” he says. “We'll play stuff from every album. Nothing too elaborate.”


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