Oct. 13 2015 06:58 PM

Ought, Radioactivity, Florence and the Machine and other shows we’re stoked about this week

Twin Shadow

Wednesday, October 14

PLAN A: Twin Shadow, Lolawolf @ Belly Up Tavern. I've seen Twin Shadow several times. Their synth-heavy new-wave sound always makes for moody, sexy fun. They endured a harrowing bus crash earlier this year, so it's heartening to see them on the mend and back on the road. PLAN B: Florence and the Machine, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger @ Viejas Arena. Florence and the Machine's albums are fine enough, but the band is in its element on a gigantic stage. They play concerts, not shows, and Florence Welch is going to belt the hell out of these songs. BACKUP PLAN: Desert Suns, AJ Froman, Amigo @ Tower Bar.

Thursday, October 15

PLAN A: Deafheaven, Tribulation @ The Casbah. If you missed it last week, go back and read my feature on Swedish metal band Tribulation. They're opening for black metal innovators Deafheaven, and these two bands just happen to be responsible for my two favorite metal albums of the year.

Friday, October 16

PLAN A: Fishbone, Monophonics @ Belly Up Tavern. Go back through Fishbone's discography, and you'll hear about a half-dozen different genres, sometimes at the same time. They've touched upon funk, rock, metal and ska, and they're legends for it. PLAN B: The Districts, Sun Club @ The Irenic. I first thought Pennsylvania's The Districts were a British band, since singer Rob Grote sings with an odd affectation. But they're as American as apple pie, if apple pie played noisy, hook-laden shoegaze with lots of fuzz and effects.

Saturday, October 17

PLAN A: El Ten Eleven, SEGO @ The Casbah. Post-rock duo El Ten Eleven makes technical, rhythmically hypnotic music with lots of loops, effects and other manner of dreamy goodness. They're playing two nights in a row, so there's double the opportunity to be won over. PLAN B: FIDLAR, The Frights, Dune Rats @ Observatory North Park. FIDLAR's 2013 "Cheap Beer" is emblematic of the Los Angeles band's ethos: Drunken, reckless, loud and lowbrow. And you know what? It works. I've seen them before, and I can confirm that it's drunken, reckless, loud and lowbrow fun. BACKUP PLAN: Hinds, Public Access TV, The Gloomies @ The Irenic.

Sunday, October 18

PLAN A: Radioactivity, Tiltwheel, Cruz Radical @ Soda Bar. Radioactivity is a punk band formed by members of garage rockers The Marked Men, and they rip. If youíre looking for short, taut, hard-rocking songs with really big melodies then this is where you need to be. PLAN B: El Ten Eleven, SEGO @ The Casbah. This is your second opportunity to check out El Ten Eleven this week and be caught up in some stunning math-rock grooves. BACKUP PLAN: I Am the Albatross, Foreign Suns, Golden Gun @ Tower Bar.

Monday, October 19

PLAN A: My Morning Jacket Fruit Bats @ Open Air Theatre. I first discovered and became a fan of My Morning Jacket's blend of roots music and psychedelia back in my college days. They're the kind of band that can definitely fill the space of a big, outdoor venue. PLAN B: Immortal Bird, Colombian Necktie, Debt Ritual, Bastardsect @ Soda Bar. Prefer a raw and rollicking metallic hardcore sound to one with folky, atmospheric tones? Then go see Immortal Bird, a Chicago group that'll show you the meaning of gnarly.

Tuesday, October 20

PLAN A: Ought, Kooties, Scruffles @ The Hideout. Montreal band Ought played an amazing show full of wiry, post-punk energy at Soda Bar last year. If you missed it, and you probably did, here's your chance to rectify that hideous error in judgment. PLAN B: YACHT, Larry Gus @ The Casbah. YACHT are a peculiar group, blending an abstract art element with hedonistic dance music. It doesn't always make sense, but that's fine. You can still dance to it.


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