Oct. 20 2015 04:49 PM

Bully, MS MR, Cobalt Cranes and other shows we’re stoked about this week

Mr. Twin Sister

Wednesday, October 21

PLAN A: Mr Twin Sister, Timothy the DJ, Wizard Woes @ Soda Bar. Last year, Twin Sister changed their name to Mr. Twin Sister, and with the change came a transition toward an ethereal disco sound. That metamorphosis was for the better, as their 2014 self-titled album is a wonderful mixture of sophisticated pop and big electronic beats. BACKUP PLAN: Small Black, Painted Palms, DJ Keith Sweaty @ The Casbah

Thursday, October 22

PLAN A: Flipper, Widows, Stalins of Sound @ The Casbah. Read my feature this week on San Francisco punk legends Flipper. They've reunited, this time with David Yow of The Jesus Lizard on vocals, and they're bringing some grungy fun from the Bay Area. PLAN B: D.R.I., Doll Skin, Santa Claus, Dead Vengeance, Dizaster Inc @ Brick by Brick. D.R.I. are pioneers of "crossover thrash," a style of music that combines hardcore punk with thrash metal, and you better believe it's as fun and relentless as that sounds. Get in the pit! BACKUP PLAN: The Sword, Kadavar, All Them Witches @ Belly Up Tavern.

Friday, October 23

PLAN A: Red Fang, Whores, Wild Throne @ The Casbah. Portland's Red Fang don't do anything fancy—they just rock really hard, with lots of beefy stoner rock riffs to spare. They've also got a lot of great videos, which range from stunt driving in "Wires" to beer-can LARPing in "Prehistoric Dog." This'll make your Friday night a lot more fun, guaranteed. PLAN B: Bully, Heat, Dead Soft @ The Hideout. Nashville's Bully are still pretty young, but their debut album Feels Like has a confident and powerful sound beyond their years. If loud, melodic rock that recalls The Pixies and The Breeders is your thing, be here. BACKUP PLAN: Sound of Ceres, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight @ Seven Grand.

Saturday, October 24

PLAN A: Natalie Prass, Promised Land Sound @ Soda Bar. Natalie Prass' self-titled album, released earlier this year, is one of my favorite records of 2015. It's a gorgeous blend of subtle pop and orchestrated, cinematic soul that comes across like Joni Mitchell jamming with Al Green's band. Yeah, it's amazing. PLAN B: Mudhoney, Tar Halos, The Grids @ The Casbah. Mudhoney's longevity is impressive. The Seattle outfit has been cranking out their Stooges-inspired ruckus since the late '80s, and they haven't lost any of the sarcastic spark that made them so much fun in the first place. BACKUP PLAN: White Shit, Beehive & The Barracudas, DJ Quon Solo @ The Hideout

Sunday, October 25

PLAN A: MS MR, Jack Garratt, Tigertown @ House of Blues. MS MR doesn't really do subtlety. The duo does big, danceable pop blended with the theatrics of Florence and the Machine, and it's a flashy, showy spectacle. When it comes to pop music, though, that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially with catchy-as-hell songs like "Criminals." BACKUP PLAN: Cotton Jones, Quiet Life, Taken by Canadians, James Wallace @ Soda Bar.

Monday, October 26

PLAN A: The Vibrators, Peacers, Elisa Ambrogio @ Soda Bar. Is this a great week for old-school punks or what? The Vibrators got their start in the '70s in the UK, with a blend of power pop hooks and raw, distorted punk. They released their debut Pure Mania in 1977, beating the Sex Pistols to the punch, and they're still causing a ruckus.

Tuesday, October 27

PLAN A: Cobalt Cranes, The Lulls, Garden Echo @ The Merrow. L.A.'s Cobalt Cranes make a noisy, cosmic blend of psychedelia, shoegaze and garage rock that's just the right amount of disorienting. There are no bad trips here, just vibes for days. BACKUP PLAN: Prom Body, Hikikomori, The Littlest Viking, Hot Nerds (DJ set) @ The Hideout.


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