Regarding the editor’s letter “Sandwiches and services” [Oct. 7], ignorance is bliss. I just can’t understand the pseudo powers that be have another stroke of genius. Don’t feed hungry people. If you don’t feed them you force them to come to our feeding centers where they will hear a lecture on hygiene. Don’t share a sandwich and maybe a little time where you can get to know the individual. The geniuses are at it again. Shame on you Miles McPherson.

Roger Reed, San Diego


An artist dedicated to helping women that are “scarred” for life by cancer [“Breast assured,” Sept. 30]. Their lives and how they feel about their bodies are permanently changed. [Shane Wallin] helps these women feel beautiful in a new way, with a unique look that is their own. I hope you teach your art to many along the way.

Suzanne Elizabeth Callaghan Martin, via Facebook


[Art director] Carolyn Ramos kicked ass with that cover [“How Green is Todd Gloria?,” Oct. 7]. Give her a raise! I’m still trying to figure out how she did it.

David Batterson, North Park


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