Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year for live music in San Diego. I'd guess that's true for most cities, but I've gone out to see live music every Halloween night since at least 2008, and I don't recall any that didn't sell out. Rocket from the Crypt's show at Bar Pink is already sold out. No Knife is just a ticket or two away from selling out The Casbah. So, if you're the type that has a costume, but no place to go, here are some of your options.

Soda Bar is holding its annual Halloween Spooktacular, featuring Roxy Jones playing a set of Nine Inch Nails songs, Hills Like Elephants doing Talking Heads and Wild Wild Wets taking on Shocking Blue. Last year's was awesome, and I don't doubt this one will also be great. Just down the street at The Hideout, there's another local covers show going on, with bands doing sets of Nirvana, Pixies and Cure songs. (Nepotism alert: I'm participating!) If it's an all-'80s set list you're looking for, '80s Heat is headlining a Halloween dance party at Belly Up Tavern.

Then again maybe you'd prefer to play up the inherent darkness of the holiday instead of the clever meme costumes or O.D.-ing on candy. Brick by Brick is hosting a special event called Night of the Shred, which brings together a who's who of heavy bands, including Virginia doom metal MVPs Windhand (see Ben Salmon's feature), The Shrine and Danava. Similarly, many of the creatures of the night might want to flock to Numbers in Hillcrest for a special Halloween edition of its regular goth/darkwave night, Club Sabbat.

There's always the option of just going to where the most outrageous party is, however, and this year that's going to be Heaven and Hell at the Town and Country Event Center in Mission Valley. There will be a DJ set by Porter Robinson, a live set by Passion Pit and hedonism galore. Similarly, House of Blues will be hosting the Halloween Block Party 2015, featuring three stages of live entertainment, with DJs, dance crews and more. Whatever your flavor, there'll be plenty to do on All Hallow's Eve this year.


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