Oct. 28 2015 11:41 AM

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Thank you for your excellent article in San Diego CityBeat regarding background checks [“Gun background checks, please,” Oct. 21]. We definitely need to hear more of this point of view! We can make America safer, and that starts with background checks on all sales. Forty percent of sales are done with no background check in this country and that needs to stop. We should all be contacting our representatives in Congress to urge them to support HR 3411. It only takes a minute to do so and they really need to hear from their constituents.

Kelli McCarthy, Co-president, Brady Campaign San Diego Del Cerro


Parents who are foolish enough to bring children into this irrational world should not expect a Utopian reality. To be born in any era of human history is to be subject to many vulnerabilities. But to be born into today’s world is madness. World War I should have taught humanity the truth about the human race—our capacity to rationalize and cause evil. But people keep on having babies, which means over-population and tax to ecological systems for economic materialism (and more likely conflict and war).

Moreover “if” governments were generally trustworthy then giving governments (and special interest groups that exercise power within them) the right to decide who and who should not own a weapon would be a simple matter. But if you happen to live in a society and world that is inordinately corrupt, having history of supporting death squads, torture, engaging in numerous wars (including covert wars) in which collateral damage means little, etc., and also engaging in high levels of propaganda as deceit, then the contemplation of the Second Amendment makes sense (to be able to protect self from corrupt governments and police states).

It’s not a big step to classify someone who is viewed wayward in political idea as crazy, dangerous or extremist (depending on who is doing the classifying). Soon we will have DNA fingerprints searching for all kinds of “potential” violence and rebellion? Study history, people, and not just official versions from the power elite.

Where is mainstream focus on the high correlation of antidepressant prescriptions with mass killers via the pharmacy industry? Where is there any realization on how episodes of feeling humiliated leads to violence—read Thomas J. Scheff’s books (then contemplate U.S. and Israeli policies in the Middle East).

Some progressives think answers are so obvious—they are not. There never were any guarantees. We need to deal with the deeper and broader issues.

Brian Becker, San Diego


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