Nov. 3 2015 03:45 PM

Wild Wild Wets frontman's solo project has a new name

Mike Turi of Gooon

Emerald Rats has changed its name to Gooon. Mike Turi, the sole performer behind Gooon and who also fronts Wild Wild Wets, announced via Facebook and Instagram that the electronic project is relaunching this year with the new name and will head into 2016 with more live activity planned. In a phone interview, Turi says that he never had strong feelings about Emerald Rats as a name, and feels that this better represents the music that he makes.

“I really like Gooon as a name for it,” he says. “It’s singular. It has a darker connotation to it. And the music is pretty dark and romantic.”

Gooon’s first show under the new name takes place on Friday, Nov. 6, at Soda Bar with Drinks and Feels. The show also comes after a long period spent working on his 12-track debut album, which Turi is now shopping to labels. He hopes to have it released next year.

And if you haven’t heard the name Emerald Rats in a while, that might explain it. “I hadn’t really played live in a while,” he says. “I’ve been focused on finishing up the record.”

With both a new name and new music on the way, Turi says he’s motivated to make next year a busy one for Gooon. He hasn’t shared any specific plans, but he’d like to play more shows outside of San Diego. In the meantime, he’s preparing for the first show of a new era, and the opportunity to reintroduce the project to listeners.

“[The name is] better suited to the music,” he says. “I just wanted to rebrand and repackage it. Once the record’s out, I’d like to tour more. I just want to think a little big bigger.”


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