Nov. 17 2015 03:36 PM

Punk band to play New Year’s Eve reunion show

The Sess

The Sess have announced their first show in seven years. After breaking up in 2008, the lo-fi, feedback heavy punk band has announced they'll play a New Year's Eve show at Soda Bar. Since their split, members of the band have gone on to perform with other groups, including Shiva Trash, Ale Mania, Beaters and Northern Tigers. In an email to CityBeat, bass player Mark Rivera says despite ending the band long ago, its members never stopped playing music together.

"With all of us being more or less family and some of us being immediate family, it was inevitable that we'd end up jamming together again," he says. "We've all jammed with each other outside of The Sess throughout the years, so you can say the reunion was inevitable.

"The stars aligned in a way that our heads and our hearts were in the right space to start the jams again, more than anything else," he continues.

The band was in talks to play the show as early as this summer, and since then Rivera, keyboardist Aldo Bustos, guitarists Sam Rivera and Jeremy Rojas, and drummer Andrew Montoya have been reacquainting themselves with their old material. Rivera says the material still retained the excitement it did when they were first playing together.

"Once we agreed on playing the show, we started meeting every week to go over the material and decide on a set," he says. "One of the deciding factors was in listening to our old recordings! It still sounded fresh and it inspired us to play music with each other again. After clearing some of the cobwebs, the sound came together naturally. We were able to connect with the music and with each other as if we'd never even stopped."

There are no immediate plans to play any shows beyond the New Year's Eve gig, but Rivera doesn't count out the possibility there could be more.

"We're doing as we do and have always done, play by ear," he says.


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