Members of The Locust and Retox have started a new band with former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. The band is called Dead Cross, and their first show is lined up for Tuesday, Dec. 1, at The Casbah. Bassist Justin Pearson, who plays in the band along with Lombardo, guitarist Mike Crain and vocalist Gabe Serbian, says in a phone interview that the band came together more or less at the last minute.

Pearson and Crain were doing some session recordings with Lombardo and producer Ross Robinson, when Lombardo mentioned that his band Philm had broken up. The band had some unfulfilled tour dates at the time they broke up, and Lombardo felt an obligation to help touring band Descartes A Kant, with whom the shows were scheduled.

"He just said, 'Wanna start a band and play some shows?'" Pearson says.

Dead Cross is literally just a couple weeks old, so to date there are no recordings of the band. In fact, they're still working on finishing enough songs to fill a full-length live set. But Pearson says fans of The Locust and Slayer will probably like it.

"It's kinda like thrash," he says. "It's hard to tell what it is, to be honest. Some of it is definitely like Slayer. Everyone's style shows in their playing."

Writing an entire live set's worth of music in less than a month is stressful enough as it is, but Pearson notes that there's also the added complication of having to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles in order for all four members to rehearse in the same room. He says that it's the shortest amount of time he's had to get a project going, but it's happening one way or another.

"We're gonna have a full set," he says. "No one really knows what we've gotten into. We gotta get it off the ground first."

"It's pretty intense. A couple of times I said 'We shouldn't have done this,'" he adds. "But it's fun, and we're stoked on it."


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