Dec. 1 2015 01:31 PM

'Deadline' features members of No Knife, The Long and Short of It

A group of San Diego music scene vets are starring in a new short film called Deadline. Directed by Grant Reinero, who also performs in the band Stewardess, Deadline debuts on December 9 as part of the Four Points Film Project screening at downtown’s Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15.

The Four Points Film Project challenges filmmakers to produce a four- to seven-minute film in just 48 hours, with certain guidelines provided to them.

“You have a weekend to produce a film with things they supply you: The name of a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and genre,” Reinero says. “You can’t work on it prior to those 48 hours. I stayed up all Friday night figuring out the script.”

The film stars Ben Johnson of The Long and Short of It; Eric Howarth of Hi-Speed Soul Records; Sonny Kay of Gold Standard Laboratories; and Brian Desjean of No Knife. The score for the film was written and composed by Demetrius Antuña from Kata. Reinero says Antuña is exploring the possibility of taking on more film scoring roles in the future.

For Reinero, inviting people in the music scene to take part in the film felt natural to him, since they were all friends. “I’ve known them for years,” he says. “It just comes down to who you know. They’re all very accomplished in their own right.”

Johnson portrays the main character in the film, who is faced with a challenge to work on a nuclear reactor. The line of dialogue that the Four Points Project supplied to Reinero was “Is that what I think it is?,” and one of the characters may not be as human as he looks.

“Ben Johnson plays the lead role of the nuclear physician’s assistant,” Reneiro says. “The prop they gave me was a kitchen utensil. And the genre they gave me was robot/android—I didn’t even know that was a genre.”

Deadline (trailer) from Grant Reinero on Vimeo.


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