Dec. 8 2015 04:49 PM

Mod rockers invite fans to join “Reactionary Youth”

The Bassics

The Bassics are getting ready to release their debut single on vinyl. The mod/garage rock group, which won Best New Artist at this year's San Diego Music Awards, are set to release the "Everyday Life"/"Roll On" single at their upcoming release show on Dec. 12 at Pitbull Audio in National City.

The single is being released via Angel City Records, and in a conversation at Clair de Lune in North Park, the band says that the single is a strong representation of their sound.

"It's really raw," says guitarist and vocalist Sam Martinez. "If you were to see us live, this is what we sound like."

The release show is being called "Join the Reactionary Youth," which is what the band calls its fan club. The Reactionary Youth is also something The Bassics hope will become a bigger movement, which they say is both a way to brand themselves and a call to action for listeners to be more socially aware and more involved in the community, be it in politics or in music.

"'Reactionary' has a more conservative meaning, but that's not how we use it," says bassist Vino Martinez. "It's all encompassing."

"It's just kind of a way to identify ourselves," drummer Juan Carlos Mendez adds. "We just want to inspire a movement. We want to bring back the youth."

After the band release their new single, they'll be working on getting their debut full-length album released. It's already been recorded, but they're still working on the details of getting it out into the world.

"We want to shop it out to some labels," says Mendez. "Everything's been self-funded so far, and it's really difficult to release a record on your own. But I don't see it taking longer than sometime next year."


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