Joshua Kmak

The Shady Francos frontman Joshua Kmak has just announced a new project called Creepseed. Kmak, who also plays guitar in The New Kinetics, launched a Facebook page for the new musical venture on Sunday night, with the message that it's his "Mr. Hyde...Creepseed is who I have grown up to be."

In an interview over coffee at Rudford's in North Park, Kmak says that the new outlet came about after a kind of brief period of inspiration in which a bunch of songs, very different than those he had written before, just came out of him.

"I wrote 12 songs kind of rapid fire," he says. "I just started writing songs that have a completely different feel. They're not as fast. They have more of a groove to them."

Unlike Kmakís other bands, Creepseed is an entirely solo project. In the past year, a few members left and were replaced in The Shady Francos, and he admits it's been frustrating to have to find new players to round out the lineup. He's still playing with The Shady Francos, but Creepseed will be the beginning of something new and different.

"I played everything—guitar, bass, drums," he says. "With so many people shifting around in the Shady Francos, it solidified my decision. It was really liberating. I didn't have to worry about anyone's schedule. I was really attracted to the freedom it gives me."

So far, Creepseed doesn't have any shows lined up, but the first album has already been recorded and will be released on vinyl in 2016 via End of Impressed Records, which is run by Ana Yenrick, formerly of The Makeup Sex. As far as the name Creepseed goes, it's just a way of branding the project without Kmak having to fall back on his real name.

"I don't think my name is very catchy," he says. "And I don't want people to get the impression that it's just me and an acoustic guitar, sitting on a stool."


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