Dec. 21 2015 05:55 PM

Oakland duo seeking cross-border opportunities

Disappearing People

Oakland-based band Disappearing People is making a move down to San Diego. The duo, which formed in 2011, shares members with another band, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, which is based in Guadalajara, Mexico. In a phone interview, guitarist Scott Johnston said that the best way to keep both bands going in their current capacity is to make the move to be closer to the border, where they're also going to be playing more shows.

"That'll bring us a little closer to [Lorelle Meets the Obsolete]," Johnston says. "I've been making a lot of Mexico connections. Being in San Diego will be a good crossover. San Diego's kind of been calling my name."

Disappearing People aren't necessarily cutting ties with their Oakland connections. In early 2016 they're going to be doing some recording back in the town where they formed. But coming to Southern California affords them the opportunity to build something in a new place.

"It's been amazing," Johnston says of Oakland. "It's where we established our sound, and learned to play live, pretty much. It's an interesting place to network. We've put on some pretty big shows even though we've operated on such a small scale.

"On West Coast tours, it's kind of like a passed-up city," he adds, shifting back to San Diego. "A lot of people go to Los Angeles, but don't always go down there. So I think it'll be cool to be a part of it."

Disappearing Peopleís first 2016 show in San Diego is at Doña Pancha Fest, which takes place Jan. 8 at The Hideout. It's the second time the festival will take place in San Diego, after being launched in Mexico, and also features Soledad, Les Temps Barbares and Silent. It's also been known to include a guy in a yeti suit. Don't worry—you can't miss him.

"The yeti will be there," Johnston says.


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