Dec. 21 2015 06:04 PM

A long list of bands putting out new music next year

Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place

The year's just about over, and even if there's about a week left, it's not like there's much happening before the ball drops. Now seems like the perfect time to survey San Diego's new release landscape in 2016. There's a lot of new music headed our way, and here's a quick and dirty guide for what to expect next year.

After taking a brief hiatus from music altogether, Pinback's Rob Crow will return with his new band, Rob Crow's Gloomy Place. Their debut album You're Doomed. Be Nice. will be released on March 4 via Temporary Residence. Psychedelic pop favorites The Donkeys also have a new release lined up. On Feb. 12, they'll release their new album Midnight Palms, via Easy Sound.

Experimental krautrock outfit Die Miflbildungen Des Menschen will release their debut album via Dream Records in 2016, while Mystery Cave will follow up a productive 2015 with both a new LP and EP, as well as a mysterious new project the details of which haven't yet been revealed. Wild Wild Wets are likely to release a follow-up to this year's 14th Floor, and frontman Mike Turi is also releasing new music with his Gooon project. Tropical Popsicle is releasing a new EP in spring, and Rafter Roberts says that he has three new Rafter albums planned.

Prolific percussionist Nathan Hubbard has three releases planned, including a Nathan Hubbard Skeleton Key Orchestra recording planned to coincide with his 40th birthday. Fellow MVP drummer Jake Najor also plans to release a solo album in 2016. And Bit Maps are following up this year's On Demand Living with an 8-bit version of the same songs, called 8-Bit Living, as well as with an entirely new set of songs.

Other artists who plan to release new music in 2016 include Sledding With Tigers (possibly as a full band), Mrs. Magician, Hexa, Ash Williams, Mimi Zulu, Western Settings, The Hand of Gavrilo, Preacher vs. Choir, Chica Diabla, Le Ra, Lindsay Lee (Lindsay Matheson of Flaggsí solo project), KATA, ANA, Big Bad Buffalo, Steve Flato, Sleeping Ghost, Octagrape, Spooky Cigarette, Le Chateau, Grampadrew, Stalins of Sound, Tape Heads, Arms Away, Quor, Kids, PRGRM, AJ Froman, Monochromacy and Age of Collapse.


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