Dec. 29 2015 05:07 PM

How can San Diegans resolve to support the local arts community in 2016?


“EVERYONE can be a Patron. Patrons: join; attend; acquire; recruit... (repeat)”

Jennifer DeCarlo, Owner, JDC Fine Art

“Go to shows and openings! Ones outside your friends/alumni/colleagues/cronies/jerk circle/social class.”


“Bring organizations, artists, audiences and the media together to figure out how to reinvent arts criticism.”

Susan Myrland, Silvergate Projects

“Discover (or rediscover) the value of buying art.”

Scott B. Davis, Medium Festival of Photography

“Be curious. Step outside your comfort zone. And never be satiated when consuming art.”

Edward Wilensky, San Diego Opera

“Challenge yourself to engage the San Diego visual arts culture. Explore, ask questions and enjoy!”

Ben Strauss-Malcolm, Quint Gallery

“Shower creative people and groups with cold, hard cash. Or volunteer.”

Kinsee Morlan, Voice of San Diego

"If you ask an artist to make a print and promise to buy one, follow through."


"When commissioning an artist, make a fair nonrefundable deposit and sign contracts. Artists will thank you."

Paul Ecdao, Thumbprint Gallery

“Take part in art! Art needs you!”

Sheryl White, Vice Chair, San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

“The city's texture is rich with innovative voices. Sponsor projects you would like to see flourish.”

Meegan Nolan, Low Gallery

“Use each show or event as an opportunity to introduce someone new to the art scene.”

Barbarella Fokos, Writer/The Artist Odyssey

"Continue to enjoy the art openings especially supporting student exhibitions."

Terri Hughes-Oelrich, City Gallery

"Commission a piece of art! Tell your friends about local artists! Go to an art show!”

Celeste Byers, Artist

"Have a local artist commission a piece of artwork for you for a special memory."

Sonya Sparks, Sparks Gallery

“Explore beyond their comfort zone. Go to shows and venues they would normally shy away from.”

Chantel Paul, SDSU Downtown Gallery Program Coordinator

“Judge art galleries based on their relevance not simply as the ‘middle man’ to bypass.”

Elsie Arredondo, Monarch | Arredon Contemporary

“Support continues after the opening. Businesses should commission an artist to make something original.”

Alejandra Frank, Teros Gallery

“Share your passion with youth from neighborhoods where ‘art’ is a privilege and luxury.”

Linda Caballero Sotelo, Executive Director, New Americans Museum


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