Dec. 29 2015 06:30 PM

Here’s helpful advice for creating new endings

Bonnie Dumanis
Photo courtesy of DumanisHQ / Twitter

Scottish theologian Carl Bard nailed it when he said: Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. So true. In that vein, this last Editor's Letter of 2015 focuses on helping local public figures look ahead to inspire better endings with New Year's resolutions. Offered here are pragmatic endings to starts that have missed the mark or have veered way off course.

Bonnie Dumanis: Start believing in yourself.

Few in the public believe in you right now. For months, you, San Diego's District Attorney, refused to allow the public to see a videotape of an officer-involved shooting. On the brink of a legal decision calling for release of the tape you held a press conference and narrated the video, added audio and tried to explain why you weren't pressing charges against the officer. We all can see it was a bad shooting; questionable at best. Believe in yourself. Dig down and speak the truth. New endings.

Shelley Zimmerman: Be more sharing

Millions of dollars of public funds paid for body cameras for your whole SDPD team. Your officers now seem to have learned the rule is to turn them on before engagement. But we want to actually see the footage. When things go wrong, like the over-reactive shooting by Officer Neal Browder of Fridoon Nehad, it's our right to get a look. Okay, now you're involved in forming a committee that'll determine who gets to see what. Put public members on this committee. Be Shelly the Sharer.

SDPD: Manage stress better

Most of you are awesome. But not all cops are perfect. Chillax out there. Thanks for your service. We appreciate you getting the bad guys. But manage your stress better and don't take it out on the rest of us. Serve and protect, don't shoot and misdirect.

Kevin Faulconer: Prioritize your goals

People like you. They really do. You put a lot of time, money and effort into trying to keep the Chargers in town with a new stadium. The overtime and elbow grease that went into that can be funneled into a new direction. How about aiming at eradicating homelessness? Prioritize your goals. Other mayors have gotten all their city's homeless veterans off the streets. And they're making progress on all their unsheltered homeless. It takes political will. Will you?

Marne Foster: Get a new job

A new year is the time for fresh starts. A career switch can get you out of the doldrums, away from the public eye and may be just the thing that causes independent investigators to stop rifling through your online accounts. School board president is a boring title that can cause a person to hold nepotistic fundraisers and file fraudulent quarter-million-dollar claims again the San Diego Unified School District. It's time to Teleport Your Job. There are exciting opportunities awaiting in Dubai and Australia. Get a new job.

Mark Fabiani: Stop worrying what people think of you

You're certainly smarter than Dean Spanos for having him pay you for 14 years to be his mouthpiece on all things Chargers. But you're a sensitive guy. So stop worrying about what people think of you and gas up your new Gulfstream V-SP, book a vacation at Sheldon Adelson's Macau casino resort and dream about the loot piling up in your offshore accounts. Stop worrying—it leads to grey hair.

Dean Spanos: Create special times with those closest to you

Treasure those sons of yours who are helping you run the Chargers organization. Create special times with them—because nobody else wants anything to do with you. It's obvious you're a greedy, absentee, selfish, backstabbing, soulless dullard. You really suck! In Carson, Angelenos will learn to loathe you. If you stay in San Diego for another year, or whatever, have fun in your stadium alternately filled with Raiders, Broncos and Packers fans. Meanwhile cherish quiet afternoons corn holing with your boys.


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