Jan. 5 2016 03:20 PM

The Redwoods Revue, Nobunny, The Gloomies and other shows we’re stoked about this week

Egyptian Lover

Wednesday, January 6

PLAN A: Omega Three, Sundrop Electric, Velvet Club @ The Casbah. Omega Three isn't a trio, they're a quintet, much in the same way Ben Folds Five is a trio. But their mix of psych-rock, prog and post-hardcore is a pretty cool sound I haven't heard explored much since the early '00s. If they're bringing it back, I'm ready to welcome that sound with open arms (and ears). BACKUP PLAN: Blue Sky Flu, Fusebox, Dirty Birdy @ Soda Bar.

Thursday, January 7

PLAN A: Dark Measure, Ruines ov Abaddon, Planet Flesh, Gortuary @ Brick by Brick. Start your year off right, with a lineup of extra gnarly metal bands from here in San Diego. We may not have the reputation of the Bay Area or New Orleans but we can still get raw with the best of 'em. PLAN B: Nicely, Dani Shivers, Eraserhead, Stage Kids @ Soda Bar. Or maybe you'd rather hear some more electronically inclined local acts, such as Nicely or Tijuana's Dani Shivers. And that's a fine option. Soak in the synthesizer grooves.

Friday, January 8

PLAN A: Egyptian Lover, Brian Ellis' Reflection @ Til-Two Club. Long before 808s and Heartbreak, there was Egyptian Lover. The L.A. producer combined hip-hop, electro, sexiness and sadness way back in the early '80s. The dude's a pioneer, and you should bring your backside here to move to his vintage jams. PLAN B: Gravehill, Thanatology, Army of Darkness, Morbid Eclipse @ Brick by Brick. We're definitely running out of good metal band names, but that's OK. Here's the skinny on Gravehill: They play old school thrash metal with lots of great riffs and blazing solos. Count me in. BACKUP PLAN: The Downs Family, Screamin' Yeehaws, The Bum Deals @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, January 9

PLAN A: Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact, Birdy Bardot, The Midnight Pine, Dani Bell and the Tarantist @ The Casbah. I suppose I don't have to explain in depth why this is Plan A. I'm a fan of everything happening over at The Redwoods Music, and Birdy Bardot's debut album was my San Diego Album of the Year. So hear her along with some of the best musicians in town, all in one room. PLAN B: Run Forever, Looming, Justus Proffitt @ Che Cafe. I haven't actually seen the phrase "emo revival" connected to Run Forever, but that doesn't mean the Pennsylvania indie rockers don't rock out with their hearts on their sleeves. Get in the pit, feel something. BACKUP PLAN: Ignite, Death by Stereo, True Rivals, Since We Were Kids @ Brick by Brick.

Sunday, January 10

PLAN A: Nobunny, Stalins of Sound, Kids in Heat @ Soda Bar. Nobunny is, at least visually, a little disturbing. A guy in a fucked-up bunny mask and tighty-whiteys leads this sassy, bizarre rock 'n' roll outfit. But the tunes are a lot of fun, as are opening bands Kids in Heat and, in particular, Stalins of Sound. Don your leather jacket and rock out.

Monday, January 11

PLAN A: The Gloomies, Jimmy Ruelas, The Fresh Brunettes @ Soda Bar. It's week two of The Gloomies' Soda Bar residency, giving you a second chance (out of four) to hear the local trio's psychedelic pop gems. And did I mention it was free? Nothing to lose but a quiet night at home.

Tuesday, January 12

PLAN A: Langhorne Slim and the Law, Johnny Fritz @ Belly Up Tavern. Langhorne Slim has a great troubadour name, and for that matter, the man sure can wear a hat. None of which would matter all that much if he didn't also write a great folk-rock tune, of which there are many throughout his catalog. PLAN B: Nite Lapse, Dome Dwellers, Mariel @ The Merrow. By the sound of their name, Nite Lapse could have either been a chillwave band or something a little darker. They're somewhere between dreamy post-punk and contemporary synth-pop, so I suppose that means they're both—which is fine. Their dark and sultry grooves hit the spot. BACKUP PLAN: Voice Actor, Electric Healing Sound, Comet Calendar @ Soda Bar.


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