Jan. 12 2016 03:54 PM

The Lulls, Devotchka, Earthless and other shows we’re stoked about

Ty Segall

Wednesday, Jan. 13

PLAN A: Ty Segall and the Muggers, CFM, Wild Wild Wets @ Belly Up Tavern. Ty Segall changes his M.O. every time he releases a new album, going from acoustic rock to noisy garage sounds, and from wildly heavy psychedelia to a more glam-inspired sound. His new record seems to find him going back to a reliably loud and hard-rocking sound, so prepare to get wild. PLAN B: Taurus Authority @ Bar Pink. An alternate, low-key but no less fun option is soaking in the solid grooves of extra funky locals Taurus Authority. Be ready to move your ass.

Thursday, Jan. 14

PLAN A: Earthless, Sacri Monti, Loom, Operation Mindblow Lightshow @ The Casbah. Earthless will take you on a psychedelic journey. Their shows are not so much about playing songs as they are about embarking on a trip through cosmic space, via heavy riffs and pulsing rhythms. They'll be joined by a few of San Diego's psychedelic all-stars. PLAN B: Philosopher's Ray Gun, Sundrop Electric, Future Age, Diamond Lakes @ The Merrow. For a night of catchy, fuzzy rock tunes, head to Hillcrest for this solid lineup of local guitar slingers.

Friday, Jan. 15

PLAN A: Earthless, Joy, Harsh Toke, Operation Mindblow Lightshow @ The Casbah. More psychedelia? Yes indeed. Earthless are taking over The Casbah for a second night, with different openers, so settle in for some blazing epics. BACKUP PLAN: Soft Lions, Gloomsday, Mint Field @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, Jan. 16

PLAN A: The Lulls, Bit Maps, Lost Pets @ Soda Bar. The Lulls and Bit Maps are two great San Diego bands that have a knack for writing great indie rock songs. Nuff said. PLAN B: Andy Rourke (DJ set), Saul Q, Jon Blaj @ The Hideout. The Smiths will pretty much never reunite, but hey, at least one of them shows up here every few months or so. The Smiths' Andy Rourke is spinning some records, which is reason enough to make it to El Cajon Blvd. on Saturday night. Interestingly enough, though, you will be able to hear some Smiths songs at my backup plan. BACKUP PLAN: Sweet and Tender Hooligans @ The Casbah.

Sunday, Jan. 17

PLAN A: Devotchka, Rubedo @ Belly Up Tavern. Denver's Devotchka have built up a strong body of work that blends gothic country, gypsy punk and all kinds of other eclectic elements into something unique. It's a fun mixture, but even more impressive is their ability to write great songs. PLAN B: Christian Death, The Maension, Sleep Money, DJ Heather Hardcore @ Soda Bar. As a longtime post-punk fan, it'd be a major oversight if I didn't direct everyone to see Christian Death. Granted, it's not the original lineup (founder Rozz Williams died in 1998) but if they play "Romeo's Distress," I sure as hell won't complain. BACKUP PLAN: The Tighten Ups, Alvino and the Dwells, The Shenanigans @ The Casbah.

Monday, Jan. 18

PLAN A: Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band, Elephant Revival @ Observatory North Park. Last week, Ben Salmon wrote about Josh Ritter, whose most recent albums have tapped into some deeply personal material with impressive results. The man's a hell of a songsmith. PLAN B: The Gloomies, Goldensuns, Other Bodies, DJ Nik Chewing @ Soda Bar. And this week, read my feature on local up-and-comers The Gloomies, who are on week three of a four-week Soda Bar residency. They're a lot of fun, and the show's free. BACKUP PLAN: Car Seat Headrest, Octagrape, The Cardielles @ The Casbah.

Tuesday, Jan. 19

PLAN A: Martin Courtney, Matt Kivel @ The Casbah. Martin Courtney is best known as the singer and guitarist for New Jersey indie pop outfit Real Estate. He just released his solo debut, and as it turns out, he's just as jangly and tuneful on his own. If your Tuesday night would be better spent with gorgeously chiming guitars, then here's your best bet.


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