Jan. 12 2016 04:11 PM

The Gift Horse to be released later this year


Manuok has announced a new album. In mid-2016, the band will release a record titled The Gift Horse, which follows their 2012 album Traps. However, singer and songwriter Scott Mercado says that stylistically and thematically, it's intended to follow up the folkier sounding 2011 album, The Old Horse, since the new record is so different than the more rock-oriented Traps.

"I have a problem as a songwriter, where I write a lot of different types of songs," Mercado says. "I used to put them all on the same record. But it's hard to market that way. So I started to spread my records out. It seemed a lot easier if there was a particular sound to plan for, or if there's a certain vibe to them."

The Gift Horse is just one album that Mercado has written at the moment. He's working on setting a release date before he moves on to the next recording, but for now he says the mood of The Gift Horse is a reflection of the kind of music he wants to make right now.

"My heart is in the acoustic guitar stuff, the moody darker stuff," he says. "I have another rock record and another electronic record ready to go."

When the album gets an official release, Mercado says that he'll book a release show, and possibly a West Coast tour. However, he'd like to have a vinyl release, which could take several months. In the meantime, he's weighing his options for the other albums he's written.

"I think that either some of them might stay with me or I'll release them under a different name," he says. "This started off as kind of a folk band, but it evolved to become more rowdy. The electronic stuff is definitely going to be released under a different name."


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