David Bowie

On Sunday night, David Bowie died at 69, after 18 months of battling cancer. He leaves behind a legacy that's as massive as rock 'n' roll itself, and there's no diminishing his influence on pop music, or pop culture at large. He's one of my personal heroes, and his music has greatly affected me through various points in my life, and many other local musicians and people in the scene have shared their own tributes via social media, some of which you can read below.

"A long time ago I started an internship at a well-to-do studio in NYC. As I was introducing myself to the owner of the studio he politely asked me if I had gotten to meet everyone. I shyly replied, 'I think so.' He then asked me, 'Did you meet David?' I turned around expecting to meet some dickhead named David and quickly realized it was David Bowie. He asked me what my name was and I forgot. True story. At least I got to shake his hand. I hope there really is a party on Mars, buddy."

—Sean Davenport, Hills Like Elephants

Sad just doesn't say enough. Thank you for everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You will be dearly missed."

—The Donkeys

"Some boy I dated in high school gave me a cassette of early Bowie songs performed acoustic.
Everything David Bowie did seemed so effortless and confident but these songs were so quiet and he sounded so vulnerable, and I listened to it over and over."

—Carrie Gillespie Feller, Hexa

"You gave me and seemingly everyone I know the greatest gift for nearly 50 years. Long live David Bowie!"

—Tim Mays, owner of The Casbah

"It's crazy how someone you don't know personally can mean to you. That is the power of music."

—Jake Najor, Taurus Authority/The Redwoods Revue

"Is there life on Mars? If so, I'll see you there David. XO."

—Justin Pearson, The Locust/Dead Cross

"In the winters of Maine, my mom would wear a leather jacket with a giant Aladdin Sane lightning bolt painted on the back as her winter coat. We even once spray painted the lyrics to 'Changes' across our new house before it was painted. The way Bowie lived and created inspires me to live and make art wildly and boldly, knowing no earthly limits to the beauty of weirdness."

—Lex Pratt

Wednesday, Jan. 13, The Casbah plans to hold a special tribute to the music of David Bowie.


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