Jan. 19 2016 02:56 PM

Former member of Hotel St. George to release 'High in the Streets' in April

Matthew Binder

Matthew Binder, former member of Hotel St. George, has announced the upcoming release of his debut novel. The book is titled High in the Streets, and it's being released on April 29 via Roundfire Books. Binder describes the book as a story that takes place in the span of one week, with an overarching theme of "poking holes in the traditional American dream."

However, while it's his first book to be published, it's actually the second he's written. The first one was "written in a fever," he says in a phone interview, though it didn't draw much interest from publishers.

"Eventually the rejections started coming in. I thought I had a pretty great book," he says. "I needed something to stay active. And I was not playing music at the time."

He started writing High in the Streets in June 2013, and spent two years on the novel. And while he says he knows very little about the publishing world, he got a much stronger response on the second try, and immediately at that.

"I sent out about 10 queries," he says. "One publisher offered to release it and I went with them. I didn't really think too much about it. I was just really happy that someone wanted to publish my book."

Binder is planning some release events for the book, though nothing is concrete right now. However, while it's been a few years since he performed with Hotel St. George, he is still working on music. Last year he released a record under the name Bang Bang Jet Away, and there are plans to continue that project in the future.

"I finished the book in the spring of 2015, so after that I wrote a bunch of songs," he says. "I called up a couple friends who I've played music with in the past to record a project last summer called Bang Bang Jet Away. Probably next summer we'll record another set of songs and put together some shows."


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