Jan. 19 2016 04:06 PM

Technology comes to the aid of parents


Parenting skills are by no means exempt from the app pool overflowing from the iTunes database. There are plenty out there that let expectant women track their weight and advise them to stop smoking, but here are some apps yo momma didn't even know she needed.

Baby Pool - The Pregnancy Guessing Game ($0.99)

When there's a bun is in the oven, a pregnant woman needs to ease up, but maybe also create a little friendly competition. Baby Pool lets women stir the pot among friends and family by having them guess the baby's gender, weight and due date, among other things. The app doesn't service monetary bets but there are in-app prizes to incentivize competition. When the baby is born, notifications can immediately be sent out saying who's a winner or loser, and, of course, that the baby's all fine and dandy.

Pimp My Ultrasound ($0.99)

Everyone will say it's cute, but we all know ultrasounds more resemble balloon art than a human being. So why not spice it up? Let the baby stand out from the crowd before it's even out of the womb. Pimp My Ultrasound lets soon-to-be parentals deck their fetus out in anything from football gear to mohawks to beanies. Dads can dub their kiddos rockin' Lynyrd Skynyrd fans before the little suckers are out of the gate. Add some personal text and then post the creation to Facebook or Twitter.

Cry Translator ($4.99)

Babies' cries can all sound the same—ear shattering. An app called CryTranslator listens to sobs for 10 seconds and breaks down the baby's needs into one of five categories: boredom, sleep, stress, hunger or discomfort. Once the cause is identified, tips are provided to soothe the baby. More than 200,000 cries from 100 babies were studied in the making of this product, which claims to have a 96 percent effective rate. It's won innovation awards, but its reviews on iTunes wail a different tune, where the app received a disappointing two-star rating. One user said the app was flat-out "crap." Another said those who can't work the app merely aren't tech-savvy enough.

Charmin’s SitOrSquat

Charmin's SitOrSquat: Restroom Finder (Free)

Nine out of 10 times, "Mommy, I need to go potty" is voiced at the most inconvenient moment.

If you're on a road trip or in unfamiliar territory, these six words could be synonymous with a major mess. The app not only locates the closest throne, it also allows users to rate their bathroom break, as well as share its location and bookmark it. Filters narrow the search for changing tables, customers-only, tampon vending machines and pay-per-use toilets. For reverse-parenting bonus points, download it onto mom or dad's phone once they've hit their senior discount days.

Giggle (Free)

If Instagram and Pinterest had a love child, the offspring would be Giggle. This app compiles photos featuring hundreds of accessorized, chubby-cheeked kids from Instagram and arranges them into one image-heavy feed. Click an image, and it zooms in to the photo, hashtags and all. Below the photo is a menu of for-sale items (like the ones in the photo). At another touch, users can add the items to their cart and can immediately purchase them through the app. It's one-stop shopping for a trendy (and potentially spoiled) tyke. This app earned a full five-star rating. Shopaholics: Beware.


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