Well said [“A Chargers-less, Powerball-type payday,” Jan. 13]! The city still owes $60 to $70 million for the stadium improvements (Still paying for Petco, too?) The city versus pro teams has been like a cage match between Pee-Wee Herman (the city) and Vladimir Putin (the pros).

The city should have insisted on a percent of the team in exchange for improvements and financing. Dean Spanos has seen the team’s value increase from $500 million to $1 billion thanks to chump politicians and media pimps. If I was younger and had more energy I would launch a recall effort for Mayor Kevin Faulconer...

Keep up the good work.

David Bainbridge, Mira Mesa


Two things.

1. This Editor’s Letter [“Resolutions for San Diego public figures,” Dec. 30] has been my favorite thus far. I’ve recently been starting to get more in tune with what is happening in my city, starting with publications such as this one. This summarization of what our public figures have been up to has given me incentive to blur out the information being given through the more commercial media outlets (who, by the time the crucial information from these issues gets to them, will have inflated, conflated, revised, readjusted and, essentially, recreated in order to fit the narrative that suits the views of the company.

Also, opening the pages of this week’s CityBeat brought me back briefly to the letter you wrote reflecting on your time working there thus far [“What doesn’t kill you…,” Dec. 22]. It persuaded me to think about time itself, and how our sense of time is broken down based on seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and so on, and how holidays act as checkpoints in our lives and mark new beginnings in our mind. It’s funny how we are psychologically prone to making any major event in broader society our own personal start and/or finish line. These patterns and structure that we arrange our existence around are quite interesting when you take time to recognize how closely related they are to our fixation on power, material goods and the (somewhat) still relevant denial that we are one day going to die, and that all of this hostility and consolidation in various forms will have been for nothing but satisfaction of our own self-fulfilling prophecy. But, I digress for now, as there are others who would like to be heard.

2. Great use of “corn holing” to finish out the latest piece.

Quintin Cummins, Clairemont


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