Jan. 26 2016 03:55 PM

Dia Bassett, Sonya Sparks and Susanna Peredo Swap hip us to new artists, shows, works, and more

Ernesto Neto, Mother body emotional densities, for alive temple time baby son
Photo by Pablo Mason

In this semi-regular department, we ask some of our favorite local artists and curators what new shows or artists are worth checking out. Whether it's a particular piece, an entire exhibition or just a current obsession, here are some artsy options from eyes we trust.

Sonya Sparks
Owner and Curator, Sparks Gallery

"Gallery 4204 is a little gem nestled in Kensington. It currently has a selection on view of Marie Najera's new Dress Series (marienajera.com) I spoke with Najera about this series, and she explained that these works evoke a playful quality, unlike many of her more emotionally driven pieces that are more dense in content and concept. These works reflect a carefree time of youth, where one can be free to play and say what they feel. I love the lightness of the series, which is set alongside her husband's work (RT Lonsdale) for the current show at the gallery." gallery4204.com

Dia Bassett
Curator, Gallery D

"I think Ernesto Neto: Mother body emotional densities, for alive temple time baby son at the Downtown Museum of Contemporary Art is cool, and the installation invigorates your senses. Smell being such a strong link to memory means I can still recall the spice scents walking into the gallery. The fabric texture and spice colors seeping through it are visually intense and captivating. All the scents seem to blend together. From one color, I could perceive turmeric. And from smell, I noticed allspice and maybe nutmeg. It's a must-see show and I'm really glad that MCASD has installed it again. They had it up a few years ago but I missed it." mcasd.org

Susanna Peredo Swap
Founder, Vanguard Culture

"I'm excited to see what photographer Josue Castro and his team of culinary artists have in store this year. Similar to Josue's photographic work, his events tend to fall into the edgy, sensuous and sophisticated. He has accomplished this by collaborating with and photographing some of Baja California's greatest chefs and wine makers. One of the coolest projects on the horizon is a Baja-themed food and wine tasting event on March 30 at MOPA. It's in partnership with the Guggenheim LA, MOPA in San Diego, renowned Mexican photographer Flor Garduño and The Kitchen Project in Tijuana."


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