I applaud your articles on homelessness and the effort being made to reduce the death rate here and elsewhere. But I want to interject one very sad reality. I was as close to homeless in 2008 that I ever came to and the night before we were to be in the street I called the shelters and...because my son was an adult (22) he and I could not be in the same shelter and our beloved dog would have to go to animal control as no pets were allowed at the shelters, none of them.

Our prayers were answered and an apartment came available the next day. We layed down on the floor of an empty apartment and thanked God for a roof where we could stay together. I would not have gone to a shelter...and lose all that I had left, my family. I have seen many, many, gentle, loving homeless people who sit outside, even in the bushes with their beloved pets. I have a special love for the homeless and especially those with pets. I wish there were an answer but haven’t heard one yet.

Thank you for your concern.

Joanne Beckett,
San Diego


Regarding Bob Ling’s Letter to the Editor [“Choked up,” Jan. 13]. “Idiot scumbag?” Nice language to use about an erudite lady. Donald Trump would be proud of you. Aaryn Belfer has certainly drawn ignorance and crassness out of the woodwork! Which planet do you inhabit, Mr Ling? Do you think that these police videos are movies, with actors? They’re real. What about the ones we’re not “allowed” to see? Censorship. Ignorance, stupidity and xenophobia are rife in the United States right now.

Critical thinking is becoming extinct— as reflected in our current value system. We have a Republican-derived budget where 60 percent of our money goes to war, and a meager 6 percent goes to education. Free country? Little wonder our disillusioned children are killing. We have failed them.

Anna Bowen-Davies, University Heights


Thank you, Alex Zaragoza, for keeping the conversation going [“A response to the entitled, whiny bitching of white dudes,” Jan. 13]. White privilege and male privilege may be uncomfortable topics to examine in ourselves but this is a crucial step to take as we move toward a more just world.

Teagen McClain, North Park


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