Jan. 27 2016 01:46 PM

'When The Rain Stops Falling' brings the pain at Cygnet Theatre

Rosina Reynolds and Tom Stephenson in When the Rain Stops Falling
Photo by Ken Jacques

Recipe for depression—not curing it…causing it: Australian Andrew Bovell’s oppressively ponderous When the Rain Stops Falling, a downer set partly Down Under that traffics in family dysfunction, death, child molestation and apocalyptic biblical metaphors. Over the course of an hour and forty minutes it seems as if the rain never stops falling and the pain never stops coming.

Cygnet Theatre is staging the San Diego premiere of Bovell’s 2010 play, directed in Old Town by Rob Lutfy and featuring a seven-person ensemble (all but one playing either dual roles or younger/ older versions of their characters) that has to be as wrung out as the audience is by the time the house goes dark. None of Bovell’s characters in this non-linear, time-traveling play escapes unscathed. On the surface, When the Rain Stops Falling tracks the foredoomed fates of two families, alternating not only time periods but also settings in London and Australia’s Coorang National Park. If there is an anchor among the swiftly shifting parent-child or husband-wife stories, it’s the relationship between young Gabriel Law (Josh Odsess-Rubin) and Gabrielle York (Rachael Vanwormer), who meet at an Aussie roadhouse, fall in love and soon suspect a horrifying connection between their families. Given the tenor of this play, it’s not a spoiler to say things don’t end well for Gabriel and Gabrielle.

Bovell’s grim narrative swells with recriminations, leaving its principals reaching for the faintest hopes of reconciliation. (The most tender depiction of this is one scene between Rosina Reynolds, as the older Gabrielle, and Tom Stephenson, playing her thoroughly decent spouse, Joe.) In the backdrop, throughout the movement back and forth in time, is the uneasy prospect of The World—not just the families’ but everyone’s—coming to an end. Not only Bangladesh but parts of Europe and even America are flood-ridden. The rains are unceasing. The fish are disappearing.

When the Rain Stops Falling possesses the substance and structure of a complex novel of the sort that is rarely considered in today’s beach reads era. As a play, it demands of its audience patience and intestinal fortitude.

When the Rain Stops Falling runs through Feb. 14 at Old Town Theatre. $34 and up. cygnettheatre.com


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When the Rain Stops Falling: This multi-generational drama centers on Gabriel York, who fears that a fish falling from the sky will bring the end of the world. Presented by Cygnet Theatre Company, it runs through Feb. 14 at the Old Town Theatre. cygnettheatre.com

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