Electronic producer Fae will collaborate with Los Angeles rapper Blu. Fae, whose real name is Griffin Lee, worked with Blu with another project of his, titled Oion. After the positive experience from that collaboration, they're now working on a longer and more fully realized effort that will likely be released later this year.

"We had worked together a few times in the past," Lee says in a phone interview. "I had produced a few songs here and there. He's usually not on the more ambient style of productions. So we kind of just decided to jump into this project together."

The project is titled Blu and Fate present: Open Your Optics to Optimism. The EP-length project is conceptual in nature, the full scope of which, Lee says, is best understood in the context of the music.

"It's going to be a concept-based project," he says. "It's not one you can really explain until you listen to it. It's about the journey of an individual who decides to go to space."

Lee and Blu began work on Open Your Optics to Optimism as far back as February 2015, and they're getting closer to finishing up the recordings. There's no specific release date set for the EP, but Lee says they've been taking their time to make sure the record ends up exactly how they want it to sound.

"We mainly kind of just brainstormed where we wanted to go, drum patterns, tempos and whatnot," he says. "I started making some instrumentals and sent them over. We're kind of just taking our time with it."

Mike Turi of Wild Wild Wets has once again changed the name of his solo project. After changing it from Emerald Rats to Gooon late last year, Turi has announced it'll now be called Dream Joints. The change comes about because he became aware of a band from L.A. called Goon, and he wanted to avoid any confusion. Dream Joints was chosen, he says, because it sounds "romantic and dark," like the music itself.


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