Feb. 3 2016 12:33 AM

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I chuckled as I read about City Councilmember David Alvarez chuckling in Spin Cycle [“Mayor Moonshot adds to his to-do list,” Jan. 20]. Councilmember Alvarez waxes eloquent about the mayor not following through on previous public pledges. If Mr. Alvarez had performed his city committee responsibility to properly monitor the activity of the BPCI [Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative] during its existence maybe, just maybe, that city-created entity would not have failed so spectacularly with a cost to us taxpayers of approximately $2.9 million and with no one being held accountable. If the mayor didn’t act on previous pledges that failure to act was not a direct “hit” to the city’s general fund. Big difference!

Lou Cumming, La Jolla


Regarding your (Jan. 20) editorial [“Homeless vets get mayoral pledge”], the mayor’s pledges on veteran homelessness sound like political speak, happening four or five months before the June mayoral primary election. I want to suggest insurance to protect landlords from damage caused by tenants sent to them.

As for Ken Stone’s fine article on the city attorney race [“Off and running for San Diego City Attorney,” Jan. 20], Gil Cabrera vs. Bryan Pease would be an ideal ballot, but not likely.

On mayoral politics in Spin Cycle [“Mayor Moonshot adds to his to-do list”], who could beat Mayor Faulconer? Bob Filner? Okay, who on the city council? David Alvarez or Marti Emerald, perhaps. Mike Aguirre would make a stellar mayor.

Dr. John Kitchen, San Diego Homeless News

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