Feb. 9 2016 03:07 PM

Psych-rockers to release Ride Along in April


Joy has announced a new album. The psychedelic rockers are set to release third album Ride Along on April 29, via Tee Pee. It features 10 tracks, including a cover of ZZ Top's "Certified Blues," and was recorded to analog tape at Audio Design Studios.

In a phone interview, frontman Zachary Oakley says the record came together in pieces as they were still playing shows in support of their last album.

"We kind of wrote this one in the van," he says, noting that the band had spent most of the last year touring behind their 2014 album, Under the Spell of Joy. "We just got the songs down, mixed it and sent it in."

Oakley says that Ride Along is more concise in its execution than how the songs end up when performed live. Under the Spell, likewise, featured some extended instrumental freakouts, but this album is limited to three- and four-minute songs for the most part.

"When we play live, we play the jams as long as we need to," he says. "On the record, we kept it fairly short."

Another characteristic that separates Ride Along from its predecessor is that the album isn't as heavy on guest appearances. Under the Spell featured some prominent performances by Nik Turner of Hawkwind, Brian Ellis of Astra and Parker Griggs of Radio Moscow, and while Griggs reappears here, along with bandmate Brenden Dellar and Earthless' Mario Rubalcaba, Ride Along is primarily the sound of JOY's core lineup playing in a room.

"There's way less people involved in this one," Oakley says. "This one was kind of just us, recorded live—drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Playing the songs in an analog studio makes that more fun."


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