Feb. 16 2016 03:40 PM

Singer/songwriter to tackle a different style with each release


Rafter is planning to release one album every month in 2016. Following his last official album, 2014's It's Reggae, Rafter Roberts released A Sploded Battery on February 1. Eleven more albums are in the works for the year, with the next one expected to be released at the end of the month. Roberts says in a phone interview that setting deadlines and imposing challenges can often result in a better batch of music.

"The most productive and fruitful moments for me in terms of quality and quantity are during an absolute steamroller of activity," he says. "If I slow down and try to make it perfect...it takes a long fucking time to get stuff done."

Roberts, who's already a fairly prolific musician, has already built up a fairly big backlog of recordings and sketches for new music. He plans to dip into some of those ideas for the new records he's working on, but no matter what there's still bound to be a lot left on the cutting-room floor.

"I have this list of about 14 albums I want to make," he says. "A lot of my records are released a few years apart. But I have something like 35 hours of unreleased music."

One thing Roberts plans to do with this album-a-month project is to tackle a different style of music each month. He's long been eclectic with his music styles, and he plans to run an even wider spectrum over the next 11 months.

"The idea of finishing an album a month doesn't allow me to be overly precious," he says. "I'm trying to shoot for being more like 12 different bands than just me releasing 12 different records. I love so much music, from noise to sweet, sweet sounds. The world of music is so delightful to me, it's ripe for fucking around and really having fun with it."


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