Feb. 23 2016 03:25 PM

‘Bermuda’ follows 2012’s ‘Strange Heaven’

Mrs. Magician

Mrs. Magician is finally releasing their second album. On May 20, the band will release Bermuda, their follow-up to 2012's Strange Heaven, via Swami Records. The album has been in the works for the past three years, and in that time frontman Jacob Turnbloom says the sound of the band has changed a little bit.

"I was writing songs for myself that I kind of carried over to the band," he says in a phone interview. "They sound different sonically. There are a lot of things we did in the past that are different now. I wanted to make everything more audible—when you put so much reverb on there, it's not as audible."

Mrs. Magician took a brief hiatus in 2014, following a couple of years supporting Strange Heaven with a handful of tours and a long list of local shows. Turnbloom says that the pieces of the record came together at different times and different places, finally wrapping up in 2015 after the band reconvened.

"It was recorded kinda all over the place after we got back from touring with the Night Marchers in 2013," he says. "We started recording them in late 2013, here and there. I probably finished writing the songs a year ago."

The name Bermuda comes from a song called "Bermuda," which the band wrote several years ago. However, Turnbloom says that it ties in well with both the overarching themes of the record and people's perceptions of the band, whether accurate or not.

"People lump us in with a lot of bands that play surf-rock," he says. "I don't really think we play surf rock. And I don't even surf. So we thought it would be funny to call it Bermuda. But there are also a lot of songs about being lost, and a lot of different themes like that. It's kind of poking fun at everything the band is while being kind of sincere at the same time."


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