Wild Wild Wets' music is going to make an appearance in a new cable drama. The band's song "UK Drugs," from their 14th Floor album, released last year, will appear in the new A&E show Damien, which is based on the character form the classic horror movie, The Omen.

Wild Wild Wets frontman Mike Turi says the opportunity came about when they began working with a licensing agency called Armory, who first told them about the placement back in 2015.

"I heard about it in July while I was in Spain," he says in an interview at Caffe Calabria. "I was rushing to get all of our music on ASCAP so everything was ready. Then I didn't hear about it for about six months."

The show's pilot airs on March 7, and "UK Drugs" appears in the fourth episode of the 10-episode season. As far as context for when the song shows up, Turi was only given some vague details about where and when you can hear it.

"It's in some bar scene," he says. "Somebody talks to somebody. It's about 30 seconds."

The episode will likely air at the end of March, though that's subject to change. In the meantime, Turi says the licensing deal has turned into a good business opportunity for the band, and one that could prove to be beneficial down the line.

"With this company, they gave us the right to veto anything we weren't into. And they can't use another 30 seconds of the same song without paying us," he says. "But it's a great opportunity. Hopefully it turns into something more."


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