March 8 2016 03:40 PM

Band reassembles for Psycho Las Vegas festival

The Black Heart Procession

The Black Heart Procession are playing their first show in four years. The long-running San Diego outfit will perform at the Psycho Las Vegas festival during the weekend of Aug. 26-28, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The band also plans to play a local show around the same time of the festival. The last major tour that the band embarked on was for their 2009 album Six, with the last batch of live shows closing out 2011. After that, they went on an extended hiatus, and founding member Tobias Nathaniel moved to Serbia.

"We had done six albums, a lot of touring," says Black Heart Procession frontman Pall Jenkins in a phone interview. "It seemed like a good time to stop. The industry changed, and we changed. We definitely went on hiatus, but there was the intent of returning to some unfinished stuff that we had been working on."

Jenkins says that for the festival to be worth their time and effort the offer would have to be good enough to make up for some of the complications that led to their hiatus in the first place. It took some negotiation, but they got there.

"They contacted us and wanted to know if we would play. They made us an offer, and I said no. We went back and forth a few times," he says. "Part of it is that my hearing is kind of deteriorating, so I don't like to play too many shows. But they got to a point where it was enough to make it worth it for us. And our agreement was that we would book one other show."

In other Black Heart Procession news, Jenkins is reissuing the band's debut album on 180-gram vinyl. A pre-order link is now up on his website, and the LP will be released later this year.

"It's just really hard to find on vinyl," he says. "People have been expressing interest in it."


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