March 23 2016 01:39 PM

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“Restorative justice” is just a “dog whistle” signal for encouraging mischievous and criminal behavior [“Restorative justice at Lincoln High,” March 16]. It mocks the legal system. It encourages disrespect for those in authority and/or police officer(s) and completely overlooks knowing the home environment in which the accused is immersed when not at school. It lets parent(s) off the hook when maybe they should be held equally liable for the conduct of their juvenile offspring.

Lou Cumming, La Jolla


Restorative justice cannot be the sole cure for oncampus conflicts [“Restorative justice at Lincoln High,” March 16]. In this case I disagree with this solution. The juveniles in this melee need firm consequences. The taxpayer should be reimbursed if the video shows student culpability.

The kids’ father obviously is not a role model and should attend the so-called dialogue hearings, too. What planet do progressives come from?

Sam Ballante, Serra Mesa


Regarding Lincoln High School vs. the San Diego Police Department, I believe the SDPD were the aggressors [“Restorative justice at Lincoln High,” March 16]. The kids were defending themselves against Tasers.

Please do not blame the kids. The police attack people, and then blame them for self-defending. SDPD needs to make amends to those kids. They are supposed to be peace officers, they should have made peace, not Taser attacks. Tasers can kill, probably kids have permanent disability. SDPD should be paying them damages.

Thank you.

Valerie Sanfilippo, San Diego


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